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s3 Bucket Not Public, error on making an Object Public

In the lecture "S3 ACLs" (AWS Security Specialty Certification), there was a mention of making objects public, even though the entire bucket is not public. This is not the case. S3 throws an error: "You can’t grant public access because Block public access settings are turned on for this bucket. To determine which settings are turned on, check your Block public access settings."

2 Answers

Good call – thanks for pointing this out!

Adam C

That’s not right Faye. The user is conflating Block public access with a bucket that isn’t public. Based on the UI, this lecture looks like it was created before Block Public Access was released

Ravi, Block Public Access is what’s preventing you from creating public objects in a non-public bucket. You can still create public objects in a bucket that isn’t public but you have to first disable Block Public Access. Here’s the blog post about that feature: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/amazon-s3-block-public-access-another-layer-of-protection-for-your-accounts-and-buckets/

Ravi Balla

Looks like the confusion is because of the UI changes on S3 service.


Can ACG please update the lecture / video to reflect the AWS changes regarding the Block Public Access configuration of S3 buckets

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