Certified Security - Specialty

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Passed the Security Specialty

I passed the Security Specialty exam yesterday (July 25, 2020).. The Cloud Guru course was so helpful. Thanks Ryan for your excellent course. 

Some new topics came up in the exam like X-Ray, Lambda edge, Private Link etc.. 

Overall, it was quite an intense exam covering all the important concepts like IAM, KMS, S3 Bucket Policies etc in depth.

I used to finish all the practice tests in Whizlab in around 1.5 hours but this test really took me the full allocated time. 

Just relieved that I completed this one..  This is my 5th AWS Certification. I have two Professional certs and two associate level certs.

Again, thanks Ryan and Faye for an excellent course.  Your chapter end summaries were really helpful to go through right before the exam.


Congrats! Could you please share what are the preparation materials you used for this certification?

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Congratulations, and thanks for the feedback 🙂

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