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Passed the AWS Security Specialty Exam 4/23/2020

Phew, after 2+ months of studying and 2 weeks of slogging, I managed to pass. Before I forget, here is a quick dump of the exam content:

  • KMS – About 40-50% of the content. You really need to know this inside out. Focus on the policies, service usage, IAM.

  • VPC – Quite a list of questions on NACL, SG, EndPoint, Peering.

  • ALB/CLB/NLB – I was surprised but I got 10+ questions on this content. I suggest to study this in depth, even though ACG and LA cover this only at a high level.

  • CloudHSM – 1 or 2 questions, quite simple.

  • Edge security – Route53, WAF, CF, Shield

  • Athena, Config, Trusted Advisor, Inspector, QuikSight

  • CloudTrial, CloudWatch Events, CW Logs, Metrics, Alarms

I found the exam difficulty level to between medium-hard (I prepared thoroughly, didnt leave any stone unturned). I ended up using the entire time and I had to rush in the middle to make up time. I scored 910/1000.

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Congrats and thanks for the tips! It’s next on my list after hopefully passing SysOps Associate next week…

Gaurav Verma

Hey Aparajithan, Were there any questions on Transit GW, Certificate Manager?

Aparajithan Vaidyanathan

Transit GW – No; Certificate Manager – May be 1

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