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Passed My Security Specialty Exam yesterday

I passed the exam yesterday with a 907/1000.

Besides the ACG course, I also followed the Linux Academy one. 

Did some test exams on LA and Whizzlabs and used the comments and guides in this discussion to extend my study material,
especially the re:Invent videos where a good source of more in depth information.
I highly recommend IAM policy Ninja & Soup to Nuts from this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNV-8I8TDG4S8L-f6h8TdVuKnSy-T5ia9

But try to watch most of them.

Besides that, I also took the effort to setup multiple AWS accounts to play with Organizations and Cross Account logging and policies.

As far as exam content goes; Other people who took the exam before, pretty accurately described the type of questions and pitfalls. I highly recommend browsing through this discussion and read what they had to say. Especially Justin Christian’s post ( https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-security-specialty/discussion/-LNpf8aSMleRnaY0oeXJ/passed_the_aws_security_specia)

But certainly also read what others have to say when they failed. You learn a lot from that too.


congrats, would you say ACG helped more of LA or was it equal weighted?


Thanks! I think both of them are equal in quality, I sometimes find it helpful to hear/see/read the same subject from different sources to get a better understanding, they all have a slightly different angle on things, or a different way of explaining something. If it didn’t stick the first time, it will definitely the second or third time. That’s why I use many sources



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Thanks for the feedback and well done on passing!

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