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Not a question basically. Just information.

 Delete marker is not replicated to the destination bucket in Cross Region Replication.

Asif Kazi

Can we fix the lessor @ACloudGuru folks.

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Hi there,

That is correct. Here is a listing of what is and isn’t replicated.

Yup, here are the details –>

How Delete Operations Affect Replication

If you delete an object from the source bucket, the following occurs:

If you make a DELETE request without specifying an object version ID, Amazon S3 adds a delete marker. Amazon S3 deals with the delete marker as follows:

If you are using the latest version of the replication configuration (that is, you specify the Filter element in a replication configuration rule), Amazon S3 does not replicate the delete marker.

If you don’t specify the Filter element, Amazon S3 assumes that the replication configuration is an earlier version V1. In the earlier version, Amazon S3 handled replication of delete markers differently. For more information, see Backward Compatibility.

If you specify an object version ID to delete in a DELETE request, Amazon S3 deletes that object version in the source bucket. But it doesn’t replicate the deletion in the destination bucket. In other words, it doesn’t delete the same object version from the destination bucket. This protects data from malicious deletions.

I also came across the same recently: Replication now has a new schema that supports replication based on prefixes, one or more object tags or a combination of the two. As part of the new schema, you can set overlapping rules with priorities. The new schema does not support delete marker replication, which would prevent any delete actions from replicating.

Agree. This video is due for overhaul with several new scenarios as per: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/replication.html. Same Region Replication also being available along with several options for configuration of replication.

Aigars Naglis

"This video is due for overhaul"…for sure…not a great feeling when he says "lets see what they come up with in 2018" 😀

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