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More Security Updates

Hi All,

I’ve added more videos and updated all the summary lectures after moving all the videos around so that they make more sense. All the KMS videos have been restored now as well.

The main updates are in Section 7

WAF Integration 01:24

EC2 Has Been Hacked! What should you do? 05:02

I’ve Leaked My Keys On Github Accidentally 04:34

Reading CloudTrail Logs 04:37

Pen Testing – AWS Market Place

I’ve also added 

KMS Part 1 20:50

KMS Part 2 08:04

KMS Part 3 16:07

KMS Part 4

to Section 5.

I’m filming AWS this week tomorrow and we have a brand new instructor starting on Monday, however I anticipate the course will be finished next Tuesday.

There are 6 lectures left for Section 7;

AWS Certificate Manager

Securing Load Balancers – Perfect Forward Secrecy

EC2 Run Command 


Bootstrapping Confidential Information

Throttling API Gateway

I honestly think you can take the course now as is, and pass your exam. However if you want to wait, the course will be 100% complete by Wednesday at the latest. Keep Being Awesome Cloud Gurus!


Big THANKS !!!! Ryan, my Exam is coming up. I really appreciate it you updating the contents.


Thanks Ryan for the course updates.

Creighton Swank

Thank you!!! I take my exam tomorrow. Guess I know what I’m doing tonight.

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