Certified Security - Specialty

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Looks like the Blueprint Information for the Security Speciality is gone from the Certifcation Webpage

5 Answers

I have a copy of it, send me an email santybair@gmail.com

Devon Artis

Hello Santy, I also sent you an email … Could you please also send me a copy


@Devon, Shared my dropbox link of pdf copy of blue print here.


Seems like, access to this link is denied.

The Link doesn’t work anymore – it gives an access denied … however we have to wait now anyway isn’t it ?



Here the link of my drop box, where you can get the BETA Security Speciality Blue Print.


Teemu Niiranen

Wighting has been changed a bit: Section 1.0: Incident Response 12% Section 2.0: Logging and Monitoring 20% Section 3.0: Infrastructure Security 26% Section 4.0: Identity and Access Management 20% Section 5.0: Data Protection 22%.

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