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Lab needs to be updated

This training needs to be updated as there are options in the current AWS interface not shown in the version of the console used for this training

2 Answers

Hi Paul,

Amazon keeps innovating and changing things up. I agree with you, some of the labs have lost sync with current AWS console pages and options. A good example is the ability to add an EFS mount-point when launching an EC2 instance which is a fairly recent addition (prior, this was a lab on it own).

The truth is, any trainer will struggle to keep up with the pace of AWS. My rule of thumb is this: if the difference is minimal and I can figure things without losing my hair, I carry on studying. If not, I raise a request here for an update:


I know, and totally agree with you.  

I used to create technical training content, but I was working for the company with the products (and even that was hard to keep current!). Much different in a situation like this were the training is developed by a third party to the product. I think most of my frustration comes from when there are a lot of options or features in current versions versus not seen in the training. I can usually figure out what has to be done but I have a lot of questions for the features/options not shown. Even if they are not relevant to passing a certification exam.

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