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KMS Key “MYEBKey” is created in Global, and is never used in the EBS video?

At the beginning of the video Security Specialty Infrastructure video number 8, Rayan have created a KMS-CMK AWS managed Key named "MyEBSKey" but that key is never used in any encryption during the video? Please correct that and explain how it should have been used.

1 Answers

Later on when you go to copy the AMI, provided you are working in the same region that you created the key, you will be able to select that key to enable to you encrypt the AMI as part of the process. 

You can see it later in the lecture at 12.12 where Ryan shows you the available keys that you can use when he selects the N.Virginia region – and only the keys available to that region appear in the list – including MyEBSKey



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