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Just completed the exam simulator

I got 63%. I do not have a great deal of experience with AWS, just basic EC2 usage. I do have a lot of IT experience and security knowledge. I have completed most of the lessons available for this certification. My brain went to mush on a few things ->

-Appropriate times to use cloudwatch vs cloudtrail vs aws config

-Organisations and cloudtrail

-Accessing external data centers from a VPC

-Permissions for external accounts using S3 etc

Just going to go through the analysis for the exam now



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Hey Joe, don’t beat yourself up – the point of the exam simulator is to help expose any weak areas. Now focus on those and try again! 

There’s also the official AWS practice test which is worth trying – though beware it is a little easier than the real life exam. Just book it using your certification account and you can do the practice test online



Thanks, I did a lot more studying and feel like I am nearly ready. I just did the official AWS practice exam and got the following :


Overall Score: 85% Topic Level Scoring: 1.0. Incident Response 100% 2.0. Logging and Monitoring 50% 3.0. Infrastructure Security 100% 4.0. Identity and Access Management 100% 5.0. Data Protection 67%


I did sense it was quite easy and the questions were short. Bit upset about the 50pcnt on logging and monitoring.

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