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Invalidating Temporary Security Credentials

AWS clearly mentions that Temporary Security Credentials MUST be explicitely invalidated for obvious reasons in case of keys leaked.


This is not mentioned in the course.

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That’s a great resource, and I’m inclined to agree. Temporary credentials should definitely be considered as part of the incident response, and what needs to be done with concern for them, and revoking any outstanding access. Another thing I like in this article is how it mentions that you should also consider what applications will be affected by taking the credentials down (is it worth triggering an outage, depending on the vulnerability scope?), and why we make them inactive instead of just deleting them, in case it breaks something unforeseen.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll forward it along to the instructor, and I’ve also added that blog post as a resource to the lecture.

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Claude Beulaygue

Hey! Nice answer! and thanks for the additional comment.

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