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Inpsector has changed for 2020. I see no place to specify an EC-2 Instance. Ryan???

Reza Beykzadeh

Configuration is much easier now. Changes I have noticed are listed below. Your question has been addressed in #2. 1. From the inspector landing page, you can either select Run Once or schedule or go straight to advance setup to customize your configurations. 2. If you take the advanced setup route, the first stage is to define the assessment target and confirm whether you want to inspect all EC2 instances within the account and region and also if you would like to install the agent (which does it automatically through Run command – How nice!). If you uncheck “All EC2 instances” option, then it will give you a dialogue through which you can tag your instance and select it for the vulnerability check. 3. The third step is to build your assessment template by including or dropping the rule packages. You will also have n option to choose the run time and even schedule consecutive runs.

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Thanks for letting us know, we’ll get this lecture updated!


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