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I Passed the Security Specialty Exam – 4/15/19

Just a quick note to say that I passed and to thank Ryan and everyone at A Cloud Guru. I studied exclusively using ACG and the whitepapers / Re:Invent videos / FAQs that are recommended throughout the course. The new Exam Simulator is great! I did three full practice exams the week leading up to my exam and made use of the links contained in the answer explanations.

My experience with the exam wasn’t what I expected. The questions weren’t very long, and some were just a few lines. Not the big scenario-based questions like on the SA Pro. IAM and KMS were definitely the biggest source of questions. There was a lot of "What’s the cheapest / easiest / fastest / most-secure option" and some of the questions were outright vague. I answered all the questions, flagging the ones that I wasn’t absolutely sure about, in about 90 minutes. After reviewing the flagged questions (30+), I felt pretty confident about my answers. There were only 3 that were total guesses. I had roughly 45 minutes remaining when I submitted. 

I have had some hands-on experience with network / infrastructure security and hold a CISSP certification.

Best of luck to everyone pursuing this cert. All-in-all, I think it’s a difficult but fair exam, and the cert is one to be very proud of holding.

Anderson Santos

Hi Willian i am supposed to take this exam, can you please provide me you email, to clarify few questions, if you don´t mind?

2 Answers

Congrats! Very nicely done. 

On one of the practice exams I took two of the possible answers were "Use the command-line APIs to perform the mitigation tasks" and "Use the AWS Console to perform the mitigation tasks". The answer was to use the command-line APIs because it is faster, but this seems quite vague and a situation where your mileage may vary.


I plan on taking the security specialty after I pass the Solutions Architect Associate exam. Currently I am following the AWS Architect path. After I do get the SAA certification, what courses would you suggest that I complete before starting the security specialty course? Or would you recommend that I wait until after the Sysops exam? Thank you ahead of time for any advice!

Fantastic! Really pleased to hear that you passed William! I agree, it’s a tough but fair exam, so really well done!


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