Certified Security - Specialty

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I passed the AWS Security Specialty

It took two tries but I did it. 
I jumped the gun the first time.

Study until you can get a 90% or above on the Exam simulator and buy the practice test.

Also watch the free classes on AWS training site, it was very helpful

https://www.aws.training take these class 

Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Security – Specialty You have to pass the test at the end with a 90% before you sit the exam
AWS Security Fundamentals

AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition)
Authentication and Authorization with AWS Identity and Access Management

I’m glad AWS gives 50% coupons.

The only thing that was not covered in the course was one way and two way trust. I think that topic should be added to the course.

This is my 4th Cert, now I’m looking for a new Job. I need more experience to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.

Find me on linkedin if you are in the MD DC area and have a opening


Thanks Ryan!


Congrats Ryan. How do you get a 50% exam token?

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Well done ! 

 Thank you for sharing with the team


Moderator & Coach

if you are looking for a job with aws in DC area look for coalfire systems…if you see something let me know I can reffer you


Thanks, I will look them up.

Hi K9US,

Congrats! How did you study for this? ACG course + those amazon videos you listed? Did you use any other resources such as practice tests or any other video training? I currently hold the sysops and solution architect certs. Dont plan on taking the developer one as I am not interested. 

So now I am deciding whether to study the security course or the Solution architect professional exam.


I bought the practice test and ACG Open Exam Simulator to study. The questions in the Simulator are much harder than the ones in the lessons. I would study the Simulator questions until you can get a 90%

what does "I’m glad AWS gives 50% coupons." mean?

Brian Nivens

Check your AWS certification account, ‘Benefits’ tab. If you have passed other certifications, you will be able to get free practice tests and a 50% off voucher on your next test.


Thanks for answering Brian

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