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I passed the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam!

I passed the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam on June 4th! I’m not sure how I did as I never got a report. I have taken and  passed the 3 associate and 2 professional certification exams and each time I usually got an email with the score before I got back to my car from the testing center. Maybe because I took it online?

Anyway I wanted to pass on what helped me pass. I didn’t encounter any unexpected topics but I got a healthy dose of S3 bucket policies and KMS questions. Know how to read a policy document! I spent a lot of time in the AWS Key Management Service Developer Guide and took the ACloudGuru S3 Masterclass which was invaluable as I think I finally understood S3 bucket policies. I used Whizlabs AWS Certified Security Specialty practice exams to prepare and I found them to be slightly harder than what I encountered on the actual exam.

Catalin Cioponea

Congrats for passing the exam! Some new topics I faced in the exam: AWS X-Ray, Lambda @Edge, AWS PrivateLink, ACM Private CA, Cognito suspended users. Good luck to everyone

Ray Finch

Thanks Catalin, I think I got lucky! I don’t recall and questions on AWS X-Ray or Lambda @Edge.

Narendra Gupta

Congrats for Passing the exam!. Even I got AWS X-Ray, ACM Private CA, Fargate, AWS Quicksight and full lengthy question on IAM + S3 Policies.

Ravi Tek

Congratulations and thanks for the tips!

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