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I passed my Security Speciality exam a few days ago

So like a few others, this is my second attempt and may have been a bit too keen before after clearing all three associates certs. This exam is definitely a step up from those in detailed knowledge.

As for area’s that were asked like others have reported IAM, VPC (more SG & NACL’s), KMS not as much as expected from other feedback and my last test, Federation again. The one that struck me from the exam and the ACG exam simulator was CloudFront more with protecting the edge as they say with certificates SSL/TLS. I got both the ACM PCA question and the one about the VaultLock API that others had mentioned in previous posts (thanks). For VaultLock have a look at the link below, as for ACM PCA didn’t really get time to look.


As to preparation. I did the ACG course, also did the Practical Event Driven course (recommended for members). Used the ACG Exam simulator more to find my weak area’s and then did a practice exam. This confirmed my weak points and went to work on those a lot. I would say have a look at the Security Pillar, read it and spend time on the docs/video’s they have as it maps surprisingly well to this cert !

I think a big one is as Faye & Ryan do mention, getting hands-on is a must. Do the labs, if you don’t understand look at the on-line guides most of these now seem to have Tutorials, Best Practices & Troubleshooting sections. If not then just having a look at the service in the AWS Console as they have introduction video’s and getting started sections.

Before the exam it was summary sections and the Security Pillar.

A big thanks to the ACG team and especially Faye & Ryan.

kaushik pal

Congrats Geoff..

kaushik pal

Any clue how soon you get the confirmation for the results?


Congrats!! That must be a great relief. What is the practical event driven course you mention here? Is it this one? https://learn.acloud.guru/course/practical-event-driven-security-with-aws/dashboard


Thanks Kaushik, You should get the results within a few days.


Thanks, Rohitsurya. Yes big relief and a tough exam. Yes that is the course, I found it very useful and just pulled everything that I knew but my understanding was a lot better after it.

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Congratulations, and well done on passing your exam for the AWS Certified Security – Speciality certification! That’s one hard challenge, and you’ve done a lot of work to get there. Great tips as well for anyone else looking to study this exam.

Best of luck on the next steps of your cloud journey!


Thanks, Stephen. You are not kidding, but it can be done and I now know if I sit any more Speciality or go for the Pro exams what I need to do. I find the discussion groups a help to focus before an exam and give you insight into some topics that may need a brush up. So for this cert I made an effort to try and remember what area’s were covered and how I had looked at dealing with the challenge. Then give back for others doing this cert.

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