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Future of Security Cert?

So apparently the folks who took the Security beta exam got an email that told them the beta exam wasn’t up to their standards and that no one who took the exam is receiving credit. Additionally, while the Networking & Big Data Specialities have been released, Security wasn’t.

Anyone hear what the future of the Security speciality is? Are they redeveloping it and doing another beta round? Are they abandoning the concept of a Security cert? (And are they doing anything for those who did take the beta?)

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Resonates what is in my mind at the moment..I am also looking to hear the answer to this question as I intend to become a cloud security architect.

And clearly they have removed it from their page – https://aws.amazon.com/certification/our-certifications/

They had removed all of them at one point. It’ll be interesting to see what they do from here though

The AWS certification team has stated that they will be running another round of beta testing. Something is scheduled to happen in 2017, but we don’t know whether this cert will make it to general release, this year.

While we wait, you can still look over the Security Specialty exam blueprint, here.

AWS Official response:

Q: What happened to the Security Specialty Exam?

We conducted a close review of the results of the security beta exam, and we’ve concluded that this beta exam unfortunately did not meet our quality bar. We are committed to releasing only exams that reflect the high quality of the AWS Certification program. Therefore, no individuals who completed the AWS Certified Security – Specialty beta exam will be receiving an exam score.

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