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For the IAM ACCESS REPORT (Chapter 3.18) Thought there was supposed to be an attached file with this lecture?

The commands are fairly easy, but the lecturer said there would be an attached document with the commands.

1 Answers

Hi Adam, 

Good work spotting that! On occasion sometimes these things will miss the gaze of our ever vigilant team but its because of awesome students like yourself we can catch some of these things and improve. 

You will find that this lecture now has the file that Faye refers to with the commands available to copy and paste for ease of use. 

Thanks again, and I hope this helps everyone! 

Muhtashim Ayub

the last command doesn’t work. I am trying it using a root account

Muhtashim Ayub

base64: invalid option — ‘D’ Try ‘base64 –help’ for more information. Exception ignored in: <_io.TextIOWrapper name='‘ mode=’w’ encoding=’UTF-8’> BrokenPipeError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

Muhtashim Ayub

command require lowercase d

Zaw Min Oo

I could not run the command with -d as well. the error msg is "’base64′ is not recognized as an internal or external command". I run on windows cmd.


Zaw – Based of your error message you do not have base64 installed or it is not in your path. I received the same error and then i downloaded and installed base64 and it worked correctly.

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