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Exam in 2022

Is this course still relevant if I want take exam in 2022? I noticed that many lab are from 2018-19.

Matt Fischer

Would also like to know. I will note for example all the whitepaper links are going to different docs – the security intro is now only 10 pages long

2 Answers

Linux Academy and ACloudGuru both were focusing on merger and acquisition since 2020. I have not seen much update on the course content for any exams. It’s not just for AWS exams. It’s for GCP as well.

I as student not happy with this..

Atul Sachan

Also ACG (instructor as well) don’t monitor and support forums- question and answer . question was posted 9 days ago.

Kiran Chelamalla

ACG Team I see these LAB sessions are of 2011 / 2018 , I am planning to take Security Speciality in Feb 2022 Please UPDATE LAB sessions

I used this course to study among other resources and passed the exam today. I can’t think of anything that was blatantly out of date, but there were a few services and topics that weren’t covered in the course including AWS Signer and Amazon Detective.

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