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Custom certs ssl using Cloudfront

Hi, where is the lab about how to use a custom certificate, and another question, could i use a wildcard cert in order to use an alias in the url with this cert?. Thanks.

2 Answers

Hi  Alberto, 

the main thing you need to know for the exam is what we show you in the lecture, we haven’t included a lab for this as you literally need to just understand that it is possible to bring your own domain name, and for that you need to use a custom SSL cert which is stored in ACM in us-east-1 OR alternatively stored in IAM using the CLI. 

You do not need to learn the process of setting all this up, only the security requirements implied by using your own domain name instead of the default CloudFront domain name.

However if you would like to have a go at configuring this yourself, or you need to for a project, there is some documentation here which covers the steps:




Alberto Lopez

Hi Faye,

Alberto Lopez

the thing is that you can only use your own cert in some region, that’s why, in N. Virginia. So for this case i need to import the cert using aws cli (only available) and use this cert in the ELB. Thank you for your answer.

Alberto Lopez


yes, you can definitely import a wildcard cert in ACM. You can also have a first level domain such as mail.example.com or sales.example.com etc.

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