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Command Line need? – Security Specialty

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any and all insight. I have a few InfoSec certs and AWS Cloud Practitioner; currently studying for upcoming Security Specialty. I am very comfortable with diagnosing issues, learning and navigating the console but once I hear an instructor say the dreaded words ‘lets go to the command line’, I immediately tense up. I feel most instructors showcase this as a skill rather than a necessity….

Is anyone, currently using/employed & using AWS on a daily basis (as an SA or a Security Specialist) and find themselves using the command line all the time? If I am completely comfortable navigating the console, implementing, monitoring and facilitating….is the command line a must?

Thank you….

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Yes you can do pretty much everything in the console, sometimes it is just sometimes quicker to do things using the command line. In the Security Specialty exam you won’t be tested on how to do things using the command line. But it is certainly useful day to day if you can use the CLI. I used to dislike using it as well when I first started with it, but once I got comfortable with it and after a bit of trial and error, I now love it.

We actually have a Fundamentals video to help people get to grips with the CLI if you haven’t used it very much before:


Please do beware that there is a big difference in the level of difficulty between the Cloud Practitioner and Security Specialty exams. Although it is no longer mandatory to have passed one of the Associate certification exams in order to do the Security Specialty exam, we do recommend that you have already done at least one of the Associate certifications (Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator or Developer) or that you already have a good technical background e.g. 1-2 years hands-on experience in AWS. The Specialty exams are actually quite a bit more difficult than the Associate level exams.

Hope that helps



Hello Faye. Thank you for the thorough and clear response. Also, thank you for the link/video.

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