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Cleared AWS Security Sepciality

Cleared the exam no detailed results yet. here are some things I noted

1. Most of the exam is about comprehension. IF you read the question properly 75% of times the question answers itself. For Ex. If the questions is asking about how you would diagnose a problem, eliminate all "prevention" methods.

2. Try to go pace yourself to get all questions twice. Sometimes a question further down the line answers the question earlier.

I finished the exam in 110 minutes after 3 times going through all questions. Third time I was already memorising the questions and answers and the logic I used so I finished the exam. I will know how that worked once I get results from Pearson Vue.


Congrats! Let us know! Also, based on your description, it seems like the questions were overall shorter in length than the typical Professional exam questions?

Questions are not smaller, I prepared for India CAT exam (MBA entrance, IIT JEE, and State CET which are all time based exams and comprehension is the first thing you work on)

Comprehension is key

Jorge T. nava iniestra

Which study material did you use?

Mattias Fjellström

How many questions are there in total? I was sure this information is printed somewhere but now I can’t seem to find it.

1 Answers

Congrats!! Well done on passing and thanks for the feedback!


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