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Chapter 5.1 KMS Part 1 – AWS Security Specialty

In the Regionality under Advanced Options of KMS Customer Managed Keys

Multi-region key can now be selected which allows the keys to be replicated into other regions. The UI in the training video is outdated and does not reflect the new feature. May that be updated? Will the exam contain the multi-region option because other practice tests are still Single region.

Lukasz Mancewicz

Spot on! looks like they are too busy integrating 2 platforms and quality of the videos declined!


I would agree that this module is quite outdated, even the basics of creating users and groups no longer matches the current AWS console. and as you have mentioned, multi-region replication of keys is now supported

1 Answers

Load key ".ssh/id_rsa.pub": invalid format when  trying to establish ssh connection  to instance

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