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Certified Security – Specialty 2018

Certified Security – Specialty 2018 – Course still have old videos? It does not match the exam blue print of 2018

Madhumita Padashetty

please update us on when this course will be updated..

4 Answers

Request acloud.guru team to please provide an update on progress made in updating this course, it will help us plan better.


Agreed – we really need an update. I don’t want to put a lot of effort into learning based on old videos, when RK himself said that this course only covers 50% of the exam. We need to know which videos have been updated and/or when they will be updated.

Devin Mitchell

He said by the end of the month…. So Ryan, you’ve got 24 hours! We’re all waiting with baited breath! 😀

Yes, Please update!

The content of what is posted in this training and what was on the exam I took, is way off. KMS is important, I had questions on Cognito, IAM integration with AD, a lot of bucket S3 bucket policies,VPC Peering,  and design questions.


Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciated.

Sid McLaurin

Thanks for the feedback! Posting any more details would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you rick for your valuable feedback


Guessing you saw some questions around KMS encryption context in particular? How about conditions in IAM policies? Glad to hear they are digging into design, though I expect that will be a more difficult hurdle for many.


Also, for anyone looking for guidance in here, I highly recommend the security content from re:invent as well as the design-oriented posts on the AWS security blog.


@clinton, good input. Lets try to come up with list of youtube vidoes from last 2 years reinvent

While waiting for the update I stumbled across this study path:



Note: The above link suggests looking at the Re:Invent "The AWS philosophy of Security". Just watched it and in IMO skip that one. While it is a great presentation it probably has zero relevance to the beta exam.

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