Certified Security - Specialty

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Certified Security Speciality

Am new to AWS with no Experience, But I was able to complete AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate with the course, Am interested in Security Specialty, would like to know what’s the recommended path to it.

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Congrats on passing your Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam

The AWS recommendations are that people should have 5 years experience in security, with 2 years in security on AWS. On a scale of difficulty, the Specialty exams are definitely more difficult than Associate-level certifications, and it’s worth having some good experience in AWS in a production environment to bolster your knowledge and work practices.

We have our AWS Certified Security – Specialist course, which is available with our ACG Membership. This includes a free 7-day trial with access to all the courses (and some extra features) on the platform. This could be a good way to test out the course and see what you think. If it seems like a good fit for you, you could either cancel your trial and purchase the course, or keep the membership with access to our other content.

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