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Can’t make objects in newly created buckets public by just clicking “make public”

In the "Forcing S3 to Use CloudFront" lecture, you can’t make objects in newly created buckets public by just clicking "make public", you have to go through and change public access settings on the bucket first. The lesson skipped that so I had to take an additional 10 minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. Just a heads up for anyone else getting an error on a new bucket when they try to click "make public"

3 Answers

Another note to pass on to the content team.  I’ll put in a ticket. 

However, the Public Access settings at the bucket level have been in place since last November.  I do know that all of the Associate certification courses have included that feature.

Sean Meadows

Thanks Steven. I know it’s something that has to be done, but in the lecture it threw me for a loop since I was following along and then got an error. Thanks again!

Ahh thanks for spotting that, we’ll get it updated… Yes you need to disable the public access settings, that one must have slipped through the net when we were updating. I’ll get it updated,



For those that work with S3 environments where there are a ton of buckets, the upcoming S3 Batch Operations service sounds like it will make performing many operations against S3 a snap.  It’s still in preview as of Apr-2019.

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