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Can we transfer logs from s3 to cloudtrail ?

I have a json file which has the information inside and available in my s3 bucket can we transfer those information to the cloudtrail ? If yes than how also what is the format of data we can transfer from s3 bucket to cloudtrail.

Basant Singh

I think I got the answer it’s non -repudation so no one can add anything to cloudtrail

Basant Singh

so can we add the data from s3 to cloudwatch ?

2 Answers

AFAIK CloudWatch does not support S3 as a data source, only as a storage destination.

Whatever data you are storing in S3 that you want to analyze, you should send that to CloudWatch first.

Hi Basant,
I assume that you wanted to integrate the two sources to correlate the events.    If that is the case, you should look at merging them in Quicksight or a 3rd party reporting  / alerting tool.  

Also have a look at AWS Timestream for time based data management.  

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