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AWS Security Specialty course

Hi Rayan, where you will be updating the course to make it relevant to the AWS Security Specialty exam live certification ?

Mike May

This looks to be out of beta now. I can schedule it no problem.

Mike May

Before I start your course on it, you still describe it as in beta, do I need to wait a bit for you to update?


I’ve just taken the security speciality practice exam (May 2018) and can confirm that it covers quite a few topics that aren’t covered in this course. Some of the topics are AWS Services that were only launched in December 2017, after this course was written


It would be nice if a section could be added to that explains the topics that are in the actual AWS Security Specialty exam as opposed to the beta.


@geoff that sounds interesting, i was thinking about that


I just sat the exam and failed I can confirm the course lacks some elements that come up in the exam questions. AD, certain IAM elements. However I did score 730 and the passing mark is 750 so painfully it appears I was one question off passing. @Geoff did you get the practice exam from AWS and does it give you pointers where you have knowledge gaps eg tells you what you got wrong. I did the free ten practice questions and got 9 out of 10. But again the one I got wrong was concerning AD and connecting it up.


Also I’m not convinced the incident response section is all that good in the course.


And think this course neds to be updated too, so we can go to the exam withouth surprises

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