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AWS Security Speciality Passed on 11/09/2020

Hello Cloud Gurus,

I passed my Security AWS exam recently, I wanted to share my experience as I used to come here to check other’s experience. In the test I didn’t find any services being added all the services being asked are covered in this course on ACG.

In my case I had more questions on ALB, WAF, NACL and SG so try to dig deeper in those services. And also be v good with policy reading and get used to some of parameters in the policy e.g how to restrict users based on region, SourceIP, VPCe, and other conditions.

Had couple of questions of SAML and federation nothing more there, I didn’t complete whole course only touched the section which I felt uncomfortable as I work in AWS  so I interact with most of the services on daily basis, but if you don’t work on AWS v much I would encourage working on hands on esp with KMS, S3, CloudTrail and CloudWatch.

Hope it helps, good luck!

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