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AWS Security Certification

Could anybody clarify the status of the AWS security certification? 

Obviously it is currently unavailable, however, I am wondering if AWS has plans to make this certification available. I have been unsuccessful in finding more info about future plans for this certification. The only detail I’ve found is that a beta version was released.


1 Answers

Looks to be dead. From https://aws.amazon.com/certification/faqs/ on 9/27/17 we got this Q&A:

Q: What happened to the Security Specialty Exam?

We conducted a close review of the results of the security beta exam, and we’ve concluded that this beta exam unfortunately did not meet our quality bar. We are committed to releasing only exams that reflect the high quality of the AWS Certification program. Therefore, no individuals who completed the AWS Certified Security – Specialty beta exam will be receiving an exam score.

So best case scenario they are reworking it and will reintroduce it. Worst case scenario is they decided its a bad idea and are scrapping the entire thing.

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