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AWS Config costs – what gets bundled in here

I’ve had the AWS "free tier" for a while, but in the last week I’ve actually started developing a back end for an app (using just DynamoDB and API Gateway with Lambda functions) and storing it in CodeCommit;

I haven’t explicitly done anything with the "Config" service.

Yet my config costs jumped from 0 to about $10 a day during (according to cost explorer) the last week when I’ve been coding the back end. There are no users of the app beyond myself. Since I haven’t used the Config service, what about my activities have caused this jump?

Does calling API Gateway somehow introduce "config" costs? Do Git CodeCommit’s cause "config" costs?

If it costs $10 a day for this app to run when there are no users beyond myself, this will never scale. Something doesn’t make sense here.

1 Answers

$10 seems quite high for AWS Config on a new account.  If you look at the Billing Dashboard (linked below) you can click on "Bills" and then expand each AWS Service to see the specific charges.  What specific "Config" charges are you seeing? 



Under light usage, API Gateway, DynamoDB and Lambda should fall in the free tier.

David Taylor

Config $38.74 US East (N. Virginia) AWS Config ConfigurationItemRecorded$38.74 $0.003 per Configuration Item recorded in US East (N.Virginia) region12,913.000 ConfigurationItemRecorded$38.74.

David Taylor

Thats what it tells me, no ability to drill into it further. How I have 12 thousand configuration items recorded is beyond me. I do a couple of commits/pushes a day tops. Maybe create a new API and a few test runs of a new Lambda function. But 12,000 seems absurd!

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