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Appeared in Security Beta exam today

I appeared for Security beta exam today and I want to summarise the exam on weightage of different topics in exams I found.

1) Policy- KMS Key Policies and S3 bucket policies Policies and IAM policies 35 % of exam

2) KMS- key rotation and key imports and deletions 20%.

3) Cloudwatch/CloudTrail/Config – 15%

4) Trusted Advisor/Inspector/Systems Manager- 15%

5) Infrastructure Security 5%

6) Lamda/Serverless/SNS 5%

7) Cognito and other Misc topics 5%

Thanks acloudguru

Happy Learning Everyone!

David Gillette

Thank you!

Devin Mitchell

Was CloudHSM covered during the exam at all?


Hello Devin, my exam did not have any CloudHSM related question.


KMS big player %55, pretty much a key to determine to pass or not the exam

1 Answers

Just took the exam. Nothing on CloudHSM, GuardDuty, Macie, nothing regarding compliance (I’m stunned, being in healthcare IT where security revolves around HIPAA and PCI DSS), and finally nothing on the shared responsibility model. I agree with shaz’s % distribution above. Hope this helps.


Be aware that every exam is different, not just different questions, but focus on different topics. You may have just had a bad (or good) exam.

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