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A Kali Linux course on pen-testing would be great!

Ryan, would love to see you produce a course on pen-testing with Kali! A course on digital currencies/Ethereum would be nice too, even if you had to post it on Udemy vs. here on site. 🙂

John Hanley

Plus+ for Kali Linux.


Ditto what Andy asked Ryan…would be very interesting…thanks


You can get Kali security classes from a bunch of different places. Just hit up youtube. Or take the OSCP entry level cert

James Beswick

+1 This would be great, Ryan!


I’d still like to see Ryan create a course on penetration testing with Kali. I get that others have courses on that as well, but I’d like to see one from THE Cloud Guru! 🙂


check out https://www.cybrary.it/

Brandon Phillips


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Thanks I’ll pass this on to our Content Team who are in charge of the course roadmap! Thanks all for your feedback!


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