Certified Security - Specialty

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6/27/2019 Passed AWS Certified Security Speciality

I had flagged more than 10 questions and completed everything by 2 hours.

Questions from Topics which I encountered during the exam:

1. Troubleshooting CloudWatch (Agent, configuration, permissions), lambda, SSM parameter permission issue

2. CloudTrail vs Cloudtrail via Athena (Forensic Investigation- Question mentioned 90 days)

3. KMS, IAM & SCP policy and what they intend via that example. They also had stated requirement and asked what condition & action can we use to fulfil that requirements.

4. Questions were directly picked from KMS Best practice & security best practice whitepapers with same wordings.

5. 2 Questions from Directory service, federation and one straight worded Cognito question.

6. Single question from each Macie, Guard duty & Trusted Advisor

7. Single question from secrets manager & parameter store

Contents from CloudGuru would help you start but I would say read the complete documentation on KMS and IAM. Read developers guide.

They had some really good troubleshooting questions and real-world scenario questions. It tests your understanding of general security troubleshooting & AWS hands-on experience. Do practice a lot.

Hardly 4-5 questions from exam simulator here. However, it should not deter you to take a few tests here to build your approach of taking the exam. Do practice here but don’t buy any practice tests online.

Take Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Security – Specialty course & AWS Practice tests by AWS.

  1. https://github.com/JuiceTheJiraffe/Jacob-Johnson/tree/master/Notes/AWS-Security-Cert-Study-Material

2. CloudGuru Videos & discussion forums

3. Official Documentation, Developer’s guide, Whitepapers & Hand-on practice

Watch ACG videos, Read docs, whitepapers, developer’s guide, practice and repeat

Martin Löper

Thanks for the link to the Jacob-Johnson material. That stuff looks interesting! Pretty large summary!



Mikesh Khanal

Thank you @Martin & @Whizkid

2 Answers

Thanks for the share! I will be reviewing this through my prep.

Mikesh Khanal

If you need any help, you can always connect.

Well done Mikesh !

  That is a great achievement.

If you have any course improvement suggestions please do send them to me here 
–> https://help.acloud.guru/hc/en-us/requests/new?


Coach & Moderator

Mikesh Khanal

I will definitely list down the suggestions. I am compiling them right now

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