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There are different load balancers like application, gateway, network and classic. How they are different and specific uses of these balancers are useful for further understanding.

More details about load balancers.

2 Answers

The following is a great review of the key differences between ELBs:

(It goes beyond the scope of the practitioner, but useful more at the architect level).

You usually use ALBs.  NLBs are mainly used when extreme performance is needed.  Classic LBs are not recommended for use anymore.  Gateway LBs are for third-party virtual appliances.

Welcome to the course, Srinivas! 

Going into the exam, you’ll need to understand what a load balancer is; however, since the CCP exam is very high-level, you will not need to know the distinctions between them. Michael did provide a great reference that will help you as you start to advance on your AWS journey and prepare for more advanced exams.

Good luck on your journey!


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