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Security in Hybrid Cloud

Reviewing the deployment models and related to "hybrid cloud" who is responsible for the security (thinking about the shared responsability model), the company (on premise data center) or the cloud provider?

Trevor Holt

This is a question many organizations struggle with and it often leads to gaps in security. The shared responsibility helps a lot for general overview however for every service you use in AWS, customers may be responsible for security security of those services. For example looking at the general diagram here, access controls for that EC2 instance is customer responsibility and this includes host configurations, patching, network paths, open ports, you name it…. If you were running an application on that EC2 instance, you are also responsible for the security of that application. There are so many scenarios but from a high level, you have to review the service offering, how your organization plans to use it and fit security around it using the mechanisms AWS provides (Security Groups, Route Tables, etc) as well as security tools your company has license for that are cloud friendly.

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