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Real world EC2 use

In the lecture, it is mentioned using an EC2 as a database. Why would I choose an instance for my database instead of any of the DB services that AWS offers?


I feel you mate, let me simplify it for you. EC2 is a virtual machine. There are different type of instances, namely, 1. General Purpose 2. Compute optimized, Memory optimized 3. Accelerated compute instance 4. Storage optimized If I want to deploy a server (an EC2 instance) that server that is designed to execute workloads with sequential read/write access to large datasets on a local storage , like let’s say a data warehouse; you’d deploy a storage optimized instance with your DB of choice. Hence EC2 instance as database. Open to being corrected here. 🙂

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AWS actually has documentation on the differences between database solutions on AWS, and why you would choose one over the other:

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