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Passed My Exam last week

I passed my exam on the 14th with a good score and wanted to share a few of the things that my exam focused on.

Cloud concepts:

The two main topics my exam covered were the Global Infrastructure and Design Principles.


I had roughly 6 questions related to S3,  and multiple questions related to EC2 instances- some about the service and others about pricing. The rest of the questions where scattered across various other technologies including Lambda, RDS, Redshift, Workspaces and a few others. Finally, I had a few questions related to the difference between on-premises, hybrid, and in AWS.

Security and Compliance:

I had questions about who was responsible for what in AWS based on different services, questions about compliance, encryption, but only a few related to IAM (I remember 2), there was around 5 questions related to network services (think VPC, NACL, Subnets, security groups, etc…). This was the section of the test that I found most challenging.


Billing and Pricing where only 12 percent of my exam. I had questions about pricing models with S3 and EC2 instances, cost tags, and the various technologies listed.

I know that each exam is different given the pool system, but study hard and you should do fine.

Craig Smith

Congratulations Christopher! Thanks for the insight.

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