Python Enhancement Proposals

By Larry Fritts

Focusing on PEP, Python Enhancement Proposal, we show how to provide information to the Python community and describe new feature for Python.

1 hour
  • 13 Lessons

About the course

In this course, we explore the Python Enhancement Proposals environment. Python Enhancement Proposals (or PEPs) are one of the reasons why the Python language has such a following. It allows the language to evolve as users propose changes to its behavior. Having a full understanding of the PEP environment will make anyone a better Python programmer.

Become a PEP-er! You will be glad you did!

  • Chapter 1 2 Lessons Introduction 1:40

    Course Introduction


    About the Training Architect

  • Chapter 2 1 Lesson PEP 20 - The Zen of Python 4:02

    The Zen of Python

  • Chapter 3 3 Lessons Examining PEPs in Detail 15:00

    The "Why" Behind PEPs


    How to Read a PEP


    Why Is This PEP Important

  • Chapter 4 3 Lessons PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code 22:41

    Why Is PEP 8 Important?


    Code Layout and String Quotes


    Naming Conventions

  • Chapter 5 2 Lessons PEP 257 - Docstring Conventions 8:27

    What Is a Docstring?


    Docstring Style

  • Chapter 6 2 Lessons Conclusion 1:37

    Course Summary


    Conclusion and What’s Next


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