Mastering AWS CloudFormation


Deploy and manage your infrastructure as code with ease, by mastering AWS CloudFormation. Streamline your learning with a deep-dive into theory and many hands-on labs

11 hours
  • 39 Lessons
  • 1 Course Quiz

About the course

Deploy your infrastructure with precision and consistency using AWS CloudFormation. Make working in large teams a snap by leveraging powerful and reusable infrastructure as code.

This course is designed for those already with a base understanding of CloudFormation and looking to deep-dive into all it has to offer. We’ll look at detailed tips and tricks as well as call out a number of common pitfalls to watch out for.

With over 4 hours of laser-focused course material, we won’t leave a stone unturned. The course is a perfect balance of theory and hands-on examples to keep you engaged and learning quickly.

After completing this course, you will have a deep understanding of the CloudFormation template anatomy including Parameters, Mappings, Conditions, Metadata, Resources, and Outputs.

You’ll learn about Intrinsic Functions, Exporting and Importing values across stacks and templates. We’ll fully detail out how to create, deploy and use Custom Resources ensuring the only limits to your templates is your imagination.

We’ll talk about various deployment options like cross-region and accounts with StackSets or grouping stacks using Nested Stacks.

Next, you will dive into Macros essentially allowing you to run custom functions in targeted places or against your whole template. With Macros, you’ll see ways to extend and automate common tasks, or enforce standards.

Every good workflow needs a great tool to simplify and speed things up. We’ll look at a number of CLI tools out there that will do just that.
You’ll learn all these while working through hands-on labs like creating a serverless SlackBot that can reply with emotes. You’ll then create a Real-time Voting App that uses API Gateway and websockets. Finally, you will challenge yourself to build your own advanced Macro and then implement it into your own template.
Join us in the course and take the next step in your cloud guru journey!

What you will need

  • Recommended taking “Introduction to AWS CloudFormation” first or already have a basic understanding of CloudFormation.

  • Basic understanding of JSON and YAML.

  • Basic understanding of JS only, the source code will be provided and walked through.

What you can expect

  • Understand and build advanced CloudFormation templates servicing both Instance and Serverless type infrastructure.

  • Manage advanced CloudFormation templates and plan ongoing updates.

  • Build, deploy and use custom resources to benefit from more complex or missing native resources.

  • Orchestrate advanced deployments with StackSets and/or Nested Stacks.

  • Confidently troubleshoot common template related issues.

  • Make an informed decision on which industry CloudFormation deployment tools to use.

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