Managing Azure Resources with Ansible

By Alex Potasnick

This course teaches you how to configure Ansible to manage Azure resources, and how to author Ansible Playbooks for Azure.

1 hour
  • 8 Lessons

About the course

This course was designed for someone who has hands-on experience working with both Azure and Ansible, and is looking to see how Ansible can be used with Azure.

In this course, we are going to cover the following topics:

  • Why use Ansible with Azure?
  • Azure modules and collections
  • How to authenticate Ansible with Azure
  • How to author Ansible Playbooks for Azure resources
  • Using Azure modules for fact gathering
  • Using Azure Key Vault with Ansible templates
  • How to create a dynamic inventory for Azure resources

Coming out of this course, you will have a solid foundation of how to configure Ansible for Azure management and understand how to efficiently deploy and manage Azure resources with Ansible playbooks.

I can’t wait to see you in the course, and keep being awesome, Cloud Gurus!

  • Chapter 1 8 Lessons Managing Azure Resources with Ansible 1:00:33

    Course Introduction


    Why Use Ansible with Azure?


    Authenticating with Azure


    Deploying Azure Virtual Machines


    Gathering Facts


    Incorporating Azure Key Vault


    Configuring a Dynamic Inventory for Azure Resources


    Course Summary


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