Introduction to Terragrunt for Cloud

By Michael Cassidy

This course teaches the foundations of Terragrunt and how it can be used to simplify infrastructure management.

1.2 hours
  • 9 Lessons
  • 1 Hands-On Lab
  • 1 Course Quiz

About the course

This course is designed to provide learners with a foundational understanding of Terragrunt, a popular open-source tool that helps manage Terraform code. Through this course, students will learn how Terragrunt is used to simplify and streamline Terraform code, automate infrastructure deployment, and manage infrastructure as code. 

  • Chapter 1 1 Lesson Introduction 1:53

    Course Introduction

  • Chapter 2 2 Lessons Getting Started with Terragrunt 8:12

    Overview of Terraform and Terragrunt


    Installation and File Structure

  • Chapter 3 6 Lessons Terragrunt Basics 1:03:49

    Configuration Management


    Keeping Terragrunt Code DRY


    The generate and inputs Blocks


    Terragrunt Implementation


    Setting Up Terragrunt and Creating a Basic Configuration File

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

    Terragrunt Basics

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 4 1 Lesson Conclusion 1:01

    Course Summary


What you will need

  • Students should have experience using Terraform to deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC). They should also be comfortable with VS Code or a similar Integrated Deployment Environment (IDE)

What are Hands-on Labs

What's the difference between theoretical knowledge and real skills? Practical real-world experience. That's where Hands-on Labs come in! Hands-on Labs are guided, interactive experiences that help you learn and practice real-world scenarios in real cloud environments. Hands-on Labs are seamlessly integrated in courses, so you can learn by doing.

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