Introduction to Azure VMware Cloud Solution

By Shawn Johnson

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Azure VMware Solution.

2 hours
  • 14 Lessons

About the course

VMWare has been the market leader in virtualzation for most of its existence. However, until very recently, VMWare solutions have existed solely in on-premises environments such as datacenters or colocation facilities.

The Azure VMWare Solution changes that. Azure VMware Solution is a VMware verified solution with on-going validation and testing of enhancements and upgrades. Microsoft manages and maintains private cloud infrastructure and software. It allows you to focus on developing and running workloads in your private clouds.

In this course, we will start by discuss the Azure VMWare Solution (AVS), highlighting features and benefits of using the solution, product architecture, and deployment of an AVS Private Cloud. We will also discuss pricing and locations where you can deploy AVS. We will wrap up the section discussing security for your AVS Private Cloud, including integration with Active Directory.

Next, we’ll cover networking. We will examine the internal networking components and tools that comprise the solution, as well as connectivity to other Azure services as well as to on-premises environments.

Section four is all about backups. Fun, right? We will discuss Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS), which can be used to protect our VMWare workloads without the need for agent installation on individual VMs. Azure Backup server also allows for disk plus cloud backup functionality, and we will get into that as well. We will wrap up the section by seeing MABS in action!

Next up, migration. How do we get our VMs from our on-premises datacenters into the cloud? Does it make more sense to invest in AVS, or migrate directly to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service? This lesson talk about all of these scenarios, and shows you a real-world example of a discovery and assessment process.

So buckle up, Cloud Gurus! It’s going to be a heck of a ride as we explore Azure VMWare Solution!

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