Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification Path Introduction (GCP DevOps Engineer Track Part 1)

By Matthew Ulasien
By Joseph Lowery
By Mattias Andersson (ACG)

This course is packed with insights about the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification exam and the DevOps Engineer/SRE role.

2 hours
  • 16 Lessons

About the course

Hello! If you are interested in becoming a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), then this is the right place to start! The same goes if you are interested in passing Google’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification exam because those two things are very closely aligned.

This particular course is all about starting things off. It’s all about laying the foundation for the rest of your learning journey, which will continue in the series of other courses that make up this certification path.

This course will cover:

  • The role of DevOps Engineer/SRE: What do the terms mean and what is expected of a person who fills such a role?
  • The context for this role: What is the business of software development?
  • The scope of the certification that Google has defined: What is the outline of the exam?
  • How you can move forward to learn this stuff and get certified, and who are we (the Training Architects) who will guide you through that?

I hope you’ll join us on this exciting learning journey and become a DevOps Engineer/SRE!

  • Chapter 1 3 Lessons Welcome 19:44



    About the Certification Path and Prereqs


    About the Training Architects

  • Chapter 2 2 Lessons About the Certification 13:39

    Certification Exam Overview


    Exam Guide Walkthrough — High Level

  • Chapter 3 7 Lessons Foundation and Concepts 49:53

    What is (the Business of) Software Development?


    What is the High-Level Dev Process Data Flow?


    What is Operations?


    What is a DevOps Engineer?


    What is a Site Reliability Engineer?


    What are the Common Problems (and General Solutions)?


    Milestone: Business Savvy and Rescoping

  • Chapter 4 3 Lessons Job Role Breakdown 31:55

    Exam Guide Walkthrough — SRE


    Exam Guide Walkthrough — CI/CD


    Exam Guide Walkthrough — Ops

  • Chapter 5 1 Lesson The Road Ahead 3:40

    Milestone: Already Well On Your Way


What you will need

  • Background in GCP to at least level of Associate Cloud Engineer

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