Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Beginner to Pro

By Tim Berry

Learn the basics of how and why to use containers through to running them at scale with Google Kubernetes Engine.

5.5 hours
  • 44 Lessons
  • 3 Course Quizzes

About the course

Not many technologies have had the rapid success that Kubernetes has enjoyed in the past few years. By taking the game-changing developer technology of containers and orchestrating them for production, Kubernetes has been deployed in some of the biggest cloud compute projects by some huge household names. But to many people it seems like learning a whole new skillset – what are pods, deployments, annotations, and node affinities anyway?

Don’t panic! This course will guide you from the absolute basics of how and why to use containers, to running them at scale with Kubernetes. The heavy lifting of actually crafting a cluster from magic dust and ancient spells is done for you by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), so you can concentrate on deploying your app and seeing it scale to global success. Once you’re up and running with your apps in GKE we’ll then touch on some advanced topics so you’re really making the most of everything it has to offer.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of using containers for packaging and running applications.
  • How to orchestrate containers using Kubernetes.
  • Working with stateless and stateful applications, persistent storage, and databases with Kubernetes.
  • Advanced GKE features, including regional fail over and global load balancing.

No prior container or Kubernetes experience is required – this course really will take you from beginner to pro!

Keep being awesome, Cloud Gurus!

Note: The Github for the course materials/scripts can be found at this link

What you will need

  • Google Cloud 101 or similar background

  • Basic Linux server skills

What you can expect

  • Understand the basic concepts of containers and when they are a good fit for an application workload.

  • Explain the components of a Kubernetes cluster and the object-based abstractions used to create workloads and services.

  • Understand the advantages of GKE as a managed Kubernetes service.

  • Deploy your own applications to GKE correctly and with confidence.

  • Understand how to use GKE applications with external services such as databases and persistent storage.

  • Discuss advanced topics such as CI/CD and service mesh.

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