DP-420: Designing and Implementing Cloud-Native Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

By Amy Coughlin

Get your hands cloudy in preparation for the DP-420 exam with lectures, demos, quizzes, and labs!

18 hours
  • 52 Lessons
  • 9 Hands-On Labs
  • 10 Course Quizzes
  • 2 Practice Exams

About the course

Join me as we tour the solar system in pursuit of greater cosmic knowledge… or at least greater knowledge of Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL!

This course is designed to prepare you to sit for and pass the DP-420 exam in pursuit of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certification.

Throughout the lectures, demos, labs, and quizzes in this course, you’ll prove and improve your skills in developing applications for Azure Cosmos DB, writing efficient SQL queries, and creating appropriate indexing policies. You will also gain experience in server-side objects and hone your ability to intepret JSON, read C# or Java code, and use PowerShell and the Azure CLI.

The exam covers the five domains defined by Microsoft for mastery of the exam material:

  • Design and implement data models
  • Design and implement data distribution
  • Integrate an Azure Cosmos DB solution
  • Optimize an Azure Cosmos DB solution
  • Maintain an Azure Cosmos DB solution

What You Bring

All of this does assume you have a baseline knowledge of cloud concepts in general and solutions in Azure in particular. And of course, for a certification designed for developers, you’re expected to have hands-on coding experience. Throughout the course lectures and most labs, we assume that you have at least a novice understanding and application of at least some SQL, C#, or a similar object-oriented language, and, ideally, JavaScript and some command-line experience, as well. No prior certifications are required, but students who hold other Microsoft database or programming certifications will have a head start.

Within each domain are a variety of subtopics that we’ll cover in greater detail throughout the course. We’ll go through each domain, using each previous lesson as part of the foundation for the next topic. This way, you will not only be able to answer the questions on the exam successfully but also develop practical knowledge of how these pieces fit together and how you can design solutions to common problems faced in enterprises today.

You’ll get experience with hands-on labs to solidify your knowledge, and you can look forward to practice questions throughout the course to ensure you’re ready to move on.

With the word "cosmos" in it’s name, we couldn’t resist a solar system theme. To keep things interesting, each section starts with a little solar system trivia or other planetary chit-chat. You will also learn about your instructor’s near-obsession with Pluto and it’s demotion to dwarf status. Let’s get started!

  • Chapter 1 4 Lessons Introduction: Our Solar System from a 93 Million Mile View 23:58

    Course Introduction


    Proposing a Different Approach to the DP-420 Exam


    Preparing Your Development Environment


    DP-420 Course Prerequisites Knowledge Check

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 2 6 Lessons Cosmos DB: Getting to Know Your Spacecraft 1:51:44

    Separating the Language from the Format: SQL on Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Dissecting JSON


    Exploring Cosmos DB Knobs and Levers


    Understanding Cosmos DB SDK Essentials


    Working with the Core (SQL) API in Azure Cosmos DB

    1:00:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Introductory Concepts and Tooling

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 3 7 Lessons Mission Control: Working with the Cosmos SDKs 1:45:21

    Connecting to Cosmos DB for NoSQL with the SDK


    Executing SDK Control Plane Operations in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Applying SDK Data Plane Options in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Applying Advanced Data Interactions in the SDK for Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Handling Query Response Errors and Metrics


    Bulk Load Data into Cosmos DB using the SQL API SDK

    45:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Cosmos DB SQL API SDKs

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 4 5 Lessons Planetary Sampling: Queries and Server-Side Objects 1:34:14

    Querying JSON Documents in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Applying SQL Functions and Parameters in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Working with JavaScript Server-Side Objects in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Author Advanced Queries and Objects in Cosmos DB SQL API

    45:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Queries and Server-Side Programming

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 5 8 Lessons Gravity-Assist Slingshots: Optimizing Cosmos DB 2:20:44

    Optimizing Query Performance


    Implementing the Cosmos DB Change Feed


    Developing Azure Functions against the Change Feed


    Implementing Triggers in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Applying Indexing Policies to Optimize Cost and Performance


    Implement 3 Triggers on a Cosmos DB SQL API Container

    45:00 Hands-On Lab

    Troubleshoot and Optimize a Cosmos DB SQL API Solution

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Optimizing Cosmos DB SQL API Implementations

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 6 5 Lessons Moons and Satellites: Integrating Cosmos DB Solutions 1:22:41

    Exploring Analytical Workloads in Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Applying Solutions Using Change Feed and Azure Functions


    Implementing Azure Cognitive Search on Cosmos DB Data


    Archive Cosmos DB Data Using the Change Feed and an Azure Function

    45:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Integrating Cosmos DB Solutions

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 7 7 Lessons Order Out of Chaos: Designing Cosmos DB Data Models 1:24:50

    Evaluating Workloads for Design, Throughput, and Storage


    Examining JSON Data Model Options


    Optimizing a Data Model


    Designing a Partition Strategy


    Applying Configuration Choices to Cosmos DB for NoSQL


    Apply Appropriate Partition Designs in Cosmos DB SQL API

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Designing and Converting Data Models

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 8 5 Lessons Interplanetary Travel: Implementing Data Distribution 1:30:10

    Implementing a Data Distribution Plan


    Understanding Consistency Models in Cosmos DB


    Considering Multi-Region Writes


    Implement a Custom Conflict Resolution policy for Cosmos DB Core API

    45:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Cosmos DB SQL API Data Distribution

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 9 5 Lessons Cyberspace: Securing Cosmos DB Solutions 52:23

    Implementing Backup and Restore


    Configuring Authentication and Access for Cosmos DB


    Managing Keys and Encryption for Cosmos DB


    Implementing Always Encrypted for Cosmos DB


    DP-420 Securing Cosmos DB Solutions

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 10 7 Lessons Launch Sequence: Deploying and Monitoring Cosmos DB Solutions 1:31:49

    Monitoring Cosmos DB Metrics with Azure Monitor


    Implementing and Querying Cosmos DB Logs


    Moving Cosmos DB Data via ETL Methods


    Moving Cosmos DB Data via Service Connectors


    Implementing Select DevOps Processes for Cosmos DB


    Manage Azure Cosmos DB with Declarative and Imperative Code

    30:00 Hands-On Lab

    DP-420 Deploying and Monitoring Cosmos DB Solutions

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 11 2 Lessons Pilot Checklist: Practice Exams 3:30:00

    Microsoft DP-420 Practice Exam 1

    1:45:00 Quiz

    Microsoft DP-420 Practice Exam 2

    1:45:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 12 3 Lessons Splash-Down: Debrief and Future Missions 8:58

    Course Summary


    Preparing for the Exam


    Conclusion and What’s Next


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