Amazon Detective Deep Dive

By Nick Triantafillou

In this course we take a deep dive into Amazon Detective, a service that makes it easy to analyze the cause of potential security issues.

1 hour
  • 18 Lessons

About the course

Bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes Cloud Gurus, because in this course we take a deep dive into Amazon Detective, a service that makes it easy to analyze, investigate, and identify the root cause of potential security issues or suspicious activity across your AWS accounts.

Amazon Detective uses advanced AI to analyze trillions of events, from multiple data sources, such as VPC Flow Logs, AWS CloudTrail and Amazon GuardDuty. It creates a unified, interactive view of your resources, users and the interactions between them over time. With this view, you can visualize your accounts in one place and identify the underlying reasons for your findings.

We’ll cover core concepts, how to set up Amazon Detective in your own AWS environment, and then move onto showing how you can use Amazon Detective to investigate issues yourself. There will be labs along the way, so you’ll get hands-on, practical experience with the technology.

A solid understanding of AWS accounts and basic services is required.

Let’s get started!

  • Chapter 1 7 Lessons Introduction 14:05

    Getting Set up for This Course


    Course Overview


    What Is Amazon Detective?


    How Does Amazon Detective Work?


    Amazon Detective Use Cases


    How Does Pricing Work?


    Supporting Services

  • Chapter 2 4 Lessons Primary and Secondary Accounts 9:45

    Understanding Terms and Concepts


    The Primary and Secondary Account Types


    Configuring a Primary Account in Amazon Detective


    Configuring a Secondary Account in Amazon Detective

  • Chapter 3 3 Lessons Using Amazon Detective 19:46

    Data in Behavior Graphs


    Lab: Using Amazon Detective to Investigate an Issue


    Lab: Further Investigation Using Amazon Detective

  • Chapter 4 2 Lessons Amazon Detective Security 7:02

    Data Protection


    Identity and Access Management

  • Chapter 5 2 Lessons Conclusion 2:49

    Disabling Amazon Detective


    Course Wrap-Up


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