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ACG On-Demand Webinar - AWS Marketplace

Streamline & Scale Up for Cloud Success: Achieving your business goals with ACG & AWS Marketplace

Discover how successful Enterprises have simplified their procurement processes through AWS Marketplace and advanced their teams' cloud skills with ACG. Join Jon Dugan, Director of Partner Alliances at A Cloud Guru (a Pluralsight company) as he and Siya Purohit, Global Edtech Category Lead at AWS Marketplace, discuss how to procure through AWS Marketplace and how else it can be used, as well as the ways it can help to streamline procurement processes.

On-Demand Webinar

Hear firsthand how A Cloud Guru and AWS Marketplace have helped to level up Enterprises' cloud skills development and simplified their procurement processes.

Featured Speakers

jon dugan headshot

Jon Dugan

Director of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at A Cloud Guru

siya purohit headshot

Siya Raj Purohit

Global Edtech Category Lead at AWS Marketplace

In this on-demand webinar

Discover how to achieve your cloud business goals with AWS Marketplace and A Cloud Guru.

Our panelists will address:

  • How AWS Marketplace can help to streamline the procurement process
  • The importance of training your team on AWS
  • How to develop a structured and engaging learning program to scale your team for success (and save both time and money!)

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