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Solving The "No Experience" Cloud Hiring Problem

It’s an age-old problem. You can’t get experience without a job. And who’ll hire you without experience? Conundrum!Job-seekers need help making sure they’re grounded in core skills. Hiring managers need guidance integrating new engineers into their teams. And with demand outstripping supply, the need to solve this problem has never been more urgent.

Watch our panel discussion on cloud career development, including insights from Forrest Brazeal’s Cloud Guru Challenge, which has helped dozens of people get their first cloud job.

On-Demand Webinar

Watch our own AWS Serverless Hero Forrest Brazeal and some special guests representing cloud hiring managers, recruiters, and junior engineers for a panel Q&A on cloud career development.

Featured Speakers

Andy Schwabe

Director of Cloud Architecture and Services at Mitel


Brooke Mitchell

Associate DevOps Engineer at Mitel

Paden Simmons

Executive VP and Head of Cloud US at Frank Recruitment Group

Daniel Singletary

Associate DevOps Engineer at Mitel

Forrest Brazeal

Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero, Sr. Manager at A Cloud Guru

Solving the job/experience paradox

What to expect in this on-demand webinar?

Get the goods on hiring and developing junior engineers, with insights for both job-seekers and hiring managers.

  • What are the limitations (and value) of certifications?
  • For job-seekers: what are hiring managers really looking for? (Hint: it's not how many facts you've memorized)
  • For hiring managers: How can you construct your team to support and grow juniors without slowing down your experienced engineers?

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