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ACG On-Demand Webinar - re:Invent 2021

Recapping re:Invent 2021: Post-Show Thoughts from AWS Heroes

Which of our AWS Heroes hit the jackpot at this year’s re:Invent? Grab a seat at the poker table with our panel as they look back on the announcements and keynotes shared at re:Invent 2021, and discover who’s claimed victory as the Cloud Poker Champion!

On-Demand Webinar

The dealin's done, so it’s time enough for counting up the AWS re:Invent 2021 announcements with AWS Heroes Ben Kehoe, Ryan Kroonenburg, Matt Lewis, Mark Nunnikhoven, Kesha Williams, and Drew Firment.

Featured Speakers

ben kehoe headshot

Ben Kehoe

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at iRobot and AWS Serverless Hero

ryan kroonenburg headshot

Ryan Kroonenburg

Founder of A Cloud Guru and AWS Community Hero

matt lewis headshot

Matt Lewis

Chief Architect at DVLA and AWS Data Hero

mark nunnikhoven headshot

Mark Nunnikhoven

Distinguished Cloud Strategist at Lacework and AWS Community Hero

Kesha Williams

Principal Training Architect at A Cloud Guru and AWS Machine Learning Hero

Drew Firment

SVP of Cloud Transformation at A Cloud Guru and AWS Community Hero

In this on-demand webinar

Find out which AWS Hero played the winning hand in Vegas at AWS re:Invent!

Tune in as our panelists:

  • Recap the latest announcements from AWS and what it means for users moving forward, with a special focus in the following categories: Compute & Containers, Database, Developer Tools, Machine Learning, Security, and Serverless
  • Share insights and takeaways from their favorite keynote sessions
  • Geek out over their new re:Invent swag . . . just kidding (kind of)

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